Medical Treatment

We offer extensive experience in Medical Treatment.

From Curative – to cure a patient of an illness, to Palliative – to relieve symptoms from an illness, to Preventative – to avoid the onset of an illness.

We may also recommend an etymology treatment, like antibiotics to treat strep throat, for example. To relieve pain in this case, the treatment can be accompanied by a symptomatic treatment like an antalgic.

We may also recommend one or several of the following methods: Medical, surgical, or medical techniques. A medical treatment usually prescribes diet and lifestyle measures, such as changing certain habits, as well as medication intake, whether injectable or not. Sometimes Physical therapy, speech therapy, psychiatry, and physiotherapy are equally part of medical treatments. For some illnesses, it may be necessary to resort to surgical treatment. Certain examinations are intermediary, such as, radiology, endoscopy, and phototherapy.

Observation is an integral part of treatment, like regularly examining blood pressure, or asking for an X-ray. In non-conventional medicine, certain therapies and techniques, like acupuncture, balneotherapy, taking supplements, detoxification, or homeopathy, can also be prescribed.